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Best Room Heaters in India for winter.

With winters approaching, we all have started preparing for it. Woollens and blankets will start coming out of the boxes and the water heaters are already at work. Many of us are now planning to buy Room Heaters to make winters comfortable.

Winters can be pretty harsh, especially in Northern India. Sometimes, the temperature falls below 10°C or 5°C . Blanket or quilts may not be sufficient to handle such extreme weather.

So, a Best Room Heater is the perfect solution. These devices can maintain enough heat and warmth inside the room even during freezing cold months.

Several models of room heaters are available in Indian market. To choose the right one according to your requirements, consider below factors…

1. Type of Room Heater

The foremost thing to consider is the type of Room Heater you need. Usually, there are three types of Room Heaters available in the market – convection, radiant, and fan-forced. Convention Room Heaters basically provide whole-room heating, while radiant Room Heaters are used to quickly heat small spaces. The fan-forced Room Heaters use an internal fan that blows across a heating element. Hence, it is important to choose the Room Heater according to your requirement.

2. Heating Ability

 It is very important to choose a heater according to the size of the space you want to heat. For example- a Room Heater uses 10 watts of heating power to heat each square foot of the space. This means if you’ve to heat a room-size of 150 square feet, then you need a Room Heater with the heating capacity of 1,500-watt. Though this is a general idea and the rule doesn’t apply to every heater, but it’s more or less the same. Heating also depends on other factors such as heating technology or the indoor environment.

3. Energy Efficiency

You definitely not want a warm space at the cost of heavy electricity bills. So, you must compare the energy efficiency of Room Heater before buying. Most of the Room Heaters lack in a standard level of efficiency like the EER ratings. Hence, you should look out for Room Heaters with energy-saving modes, low wattage, adjustable thermostats, and programmable timers that can help in minimizing the power consumption and save you from skyrocketing electricity bills.

4. Noise

Like other forms of pollution, noise pollution too should be taken care of. All the electrical appliances produce sound while running and Room Heaters are no exception. Some produce more sound and some produce less and the noise can be disturbing. So, make sure that you buy a Room Heater with minimum sound or no sound at all.

5. Safety Features

Since you’re playing with electricity and heat, safety is one of the major concerns while choosing a Room Heater. Room Heater shall come equipped with cool-to-touch and shockproof body surface and other advanced safety features such as overheat protection and automatic switch-off system when the internal components reach to an unsafe temperature.

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